Vancouver - Shopping

Vancouver is a gorgeous city, too clean and pretty to spend too much time in shopsbut it's good to know the shopping experience,when needed, is a joy.

To start with even their money is special. I'm not sure if the shiny silver and transparent section come through on this photo but trust me it's there.

The indoor centres, should you need shelter from the heat or the rain, have the variety you would expect but I think their food halls are pretty good quality -

not to mention value. I've said it before but you won't starve in Vancouver.

Anyway, it's good to have all the major names in a place like this, in particular one of my top five (yes, there really is a list) shops of all time, Bath & Body Works, from which I buy all the bath products I want for the rest of year. They like

me in there. It's the fact that each year they have new fragrances for their matching bubble bath/shower gel and body lotion combo - not to mention loads of other delights. I bought two new sets for the season 2012-13, Carried Away and Coconut Lime Breeze  which I'm sure to you too sounds perfect for the Summer.

But it's the small or independent shops that give Vancouver real class.


From the vintage shops in East Vancouver, where they also have great little coffee shops and this old school home store which for some reason I love always buy in.

In between, the (indie) coffee shops are ever-growing but what has struck me this time more than

before are the number of 'grooming' places, for men and women. This is in particular prevalent in Yaletown with signs  plenty.


Fancy a Canadian anyone?


Vancouver is one of the most dog friendliest cities on the planet and there are plenty of shops to keep the little furry ones in the style the owner is accustomed too.


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