I'm Rickie and I have been travelling since I've had the means. I've even written a book about it. I'd travelled everywhere on my A-list by the time I was 38 and amazingly, I'm on the D list now. Since my 40th I've been celebrating my birthday by waking up in a new city. It's a great way to explore new places rather than going to my favourite place (Canada) every year. 


My beloved, Tim

My beloved, Tim

My travel buddy and the man I share my life with, Tim & I became friends through our love of travel and music (he's a musician) and have travelled the world together ever since.

Tim introduced me to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe and I took him to meet Canada. In Hong Kong, I finally persuaded him to eat with chopsticks (and I started to drink tea).

All the best photos on this site are probably taken by Tim. Especially the rare ones with me in them as he's also the only person that manages to take shareable photos of me.


The orange dude that pops up on my photos is Morphi, a #SmileyLittleDude .

There are more like him lovingly made in Birmingham, although Morphi is possibly the most travelled.

He brings a smile to our faces and every one who meets him.