Vancouver Adventure, Day Six: Staying Local in Yaletown

I cannot remember the last time a trip came to an end all too soon. Normally after 5 days I am looking forward to going home, to my own bed, to all my clothes, to my fully stocked kitchen, but despite having some exciting projects to work on my return, not to mention completing my first book, I wish for the week to be a little longer. For one, I feel so at home; Century Plaza is the most comfortable hotel I have ever stayed at, it has a large restful bedroom, a fully working spacious bathroom and a home from home kitchen; I have need for nothing else.

When I say I’m going away for a week, people always say, ‘only a week?’, like I am being hard-done by. To me, that’s my maximum, four or five days is adequate but given the distance, a week is perfect. After all, I went to San Francisco for five days! Longer than a week and I will forget my log-in, never mind my name or my alarm code to get back in my home. I prefer to have more adventures then just one big one every year or two.


Vancouver Library


And of course, keeping it short means I pack in every minute, there are no lie-ins for me. How can you wake up with a view of the Rockies and want to stay inside? Although the aforementioned comfortable suite meant it was hard to leave the hotel but lovely to come back to.

It’s customary for me to find my favourite neighbourhood on the last day, as happened in San Francisco when I discover the adorable Haight neighbourhood next to my own. This is where I first found Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Store that I have hunted down wherever I have been since.

So on my last full day of the Vancouver Adventure, there is no sky train, no boat or ferry as I stay local in Yaletown. It’s not as preppy as it sounds and having walked through it on a rainy Easter Sunday evening, I already had my bearings.

After devouring two eggs (over easy) and three pancakes (plain with maple syrup) – a first for me, whilst poring over a new addiction, ‘Traditional Home’ magazine, I hit the home wares shops.

Rachel Ashwell has spawned a plethora of shabby chic shops around the world and Yaletown has it’s fair share, headed up by the shabby chic Mecca that is, The Cross. As tempting as it was, it’s horrendously over priced and I spent my whole time there making notes on what I’m at my Birmingham Vintage Fair stall, at a fifth of the cost. I loved every second though.

It was a very stimulating visit and I come away with an armful of ideas for my vintage event. In fact the day turned out to be dry and sunny rather than the forecast showers and I’m full of inspiration to bring back home.

Talking of inspiration, I whiled away a happy lunch period in book shops, where I bought two too many books and then on to the much flaunted Vancouver Library. A piece of heaven which made me look forward to the unveiling of the soon to be opened Birmingham Library. Vancouver is great but I think this will be better.

Of the areas I marked out to visit from one of the excellent books and magazines in my room, Kitsilano (Kits) was top of the list but it would have meant finding out about buses. I didn’t get to Richmond either although drove through it no less than four times. I have to leave something new to explore on my next visit!


Later, I stay even more local by going to the West End, where the English Bay is and do some blogging in a cafe whilst watching the end of the Montreal game. They lost.

There was the matter of getting home in time for the Canucks match at 6pm. I thought it may start at 7pm but no, the TV programme came on at 6, the match started at 6.10. How refreshing.

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