Vancouver 2012: Why I love Vancouver

I need to write one more piece to add to all the ones written so far. I first arrived in this beautiful city 14 years ago and yes it has changed; it is far more expensive now and there are many more buildings. However, the people are as friendly as ever, the scenery as beautiful, the mountains as majestic and the environment, even more green.

Vancouver loves it's green spaces so much they are everywhere; placed at the bottom of office blocks, in alleyways between residential properties and most definitely along the coast. This is all before we get to on of the largest parks in the country, Stanley Park. All are clean and tidy and there's even this one half way up a building!

They love their breakfast and they love their coffee; our love was meant to be! And they serve coffee in mugs!

They have art everywhere. We saw random office buildings that had exhibits on the ground floor. This one is at English Bay (the little one in the middle is my boyfriend)

They are proud to be Canadians but with humour, class and without a hint of arrogance. Vancouverites seem to really appreciate their surroundings.

A single reason to love Vancouver, the almighty The Cross and so many great interiors stores like Chintz & Co that I can spend an hour in!

I love that we enjoy proper seasons and sometimes all four in one day. In downtown Vancouver, it's a beaitiful sunny, early Summer day whereas on top of the mountains, still snow!

The bears and other gorgeous animals that go with all that nature Canadians love.

The libraries and book stores that writers and readers dream about! This is Vancouver library.

and this is City Centre library, a brand new build a little way out of Vancouver in Surrey. Yes, this really is a library!

And most important, thier attitude; sunny, encouraging and positive.

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