Vancouver Adventure, Canucks Stanley Cup Play-Offs

Tweets from the game The website says the game’s on at 6pm, I get back to my room at 5.45 with Mac & Cheese for the game from IAG across the road. The show starts at 6pm, the game starts at 6.10. This is how to show live sport British TV, not an hour of pre-game build up listening to presenters who like hearing their own voices!!!

I’m guessing the goalie is tiny under that Michelin man get up

It feels odd to be sitting inside watching ice hockey when it’s such a sunny evening. I’ve moved the arm chair closer to the TV and the skyscraper outside is towering over my right side now, like it’s going to enter the room any moment and sit next to me to watch the game.

I will never get used to American sports having advert breaks; they literally stop playing ice hockey for them. When I used to watch the New York Rangers, I learnt a red light comes on in Madison Square Garden when the adverts are on!

I’m wondering if I can get this on British TV? Although the games will be on in the middle of the night. I won’t get sports channels for my sport, football, because it will mean I never leave the house, read or do other things, but I’m considering it for NHL?!

There were 3 minutes to go in first period; I’ve heated the mac & cheese, made salad and ate it. The period is still in play.

End of first period, I’m off to start packing for homeward journey.

Three big events on the news over here in BC; the Stanley Cup Play offs, the election on May 3rd and a big wedding. The news guys are praying for no overtime in this game as the wedding coverage starts at 1am!

15 minute break and all I have done is empty the suitcase, gone through my receipts(binned all) and packed some of my purchases. Still 1-1.

Yes, Vancouver score! There is a delayed celebration as officials double checked the goal. 12.14 in second period.

I can’t remember what Power Plays are.

Wow, one of the Nashville players has just somersaulted into the air. Another has just broken his stick on the ice.

Second period ended, usual big fight on the ice before they go into their dressing rooms.

The case is as packed as it can be now.

Third period, nervous now, Nashville just had a near miss.

Ad break: I don’t have anything to do now, nothing to pack, not hungry, not thirsty, don’t need the bathroom.

Oh gosh, Mr Spock on TV advert, advertising a TV product that interacts with Facebook.

I have no idea who’s playing better anyway, it’s all so fast moving for me.

Ad break, 5 minutes to go, meaning half hour in Canadian TV ice hockey time. Off to get some chips.

Torn between watching my last sunset in Vancouver and the game. Cherish both moments.

Soundtrack to the game has included the Beach Boys, the inevitable Bruce Springsteen and AC/DC and now best of all, a little bit of the Cult! I can only imagine the atmosphere just around the corner in Rogers Arena right now.

Is the NHL run by Canada or America or jointly or someone else? How many teams are there? I’m guessing more American than Canadian, despite ice hockey being Canada’s sport.

“One – nothing tonight on hockey night in Canada” Ad break.

21 seconds to go and the game re-starts. The crowd are going crazy.

Final whistle, 1-0 to Vancouver, 1 down, up to 6 to go.

No idea why it’s best of 7, I suspect advertising revenue. We’d be so bored of that in football don’t you think?

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