Vancouver Adventure, Day Three: Boat trip

 Breakfast: French Toast at Moodyville Cafe, North Vancouver

Today the rain is forecast but I decide to take the jaunt over to North Vancouver. I’ve promised myself I’ll explore BC so that’s what I’m doing. On landing over the water, there is another Public Market, an indoors market almost identical to Granville Island. I manage to find French Toast for breakfast at Moodyville’s before the rain takes hold and spot the Cafe of Contemporary Art as recommended by for shelter later. The shops recommended in the wonderful Vancouver book in the hotel elude me; they just seem not enough to bother with in the rain so I console myself with just the gorgeous view of Vancouver and a look round the few local shops. Then I sit and have a read in the aforementioned cafe – these Sunday Times magazines are not going to read themselves! – before catching the boat back. It’s an effortless journey although no-one seems to check tickets in Vancouver, is there an invisible electronic checker?!

Back on dry land, I plan to treat myself to the shops in the very much drier Pacific Centre, home of Bath and Body Works. Yes I did check this shop was in Vancouver before I planned my trip. It’s my absolute favourite toiletries haunt has been for way more than a decade and I’ve always bought my favourites each time I’ve visited America. Now it’s Canada’s turn to be supplier. $80 well spent for a year’s worth of bubble bath & body lotions and two lots of my favourite hand scrub.

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