Canada 2013: I'm an Honorary Calgarian!

Canada never ceases to amaze me. After all these years, this capped all the warmth I've received in the friendliest country in the world. We arrived to be greeted by not one but two people holding up a card with my name (more on the second one coming here)

One of my Twitter pals @faunawolf is from Calgary so of course I turn to Kait for recommendations for my first visit to this the Dallas of Canada. Kait in turn tells her mum, Shannon, who just happens to work with a Senior VP at the airport and that's why I am greeted by the ladies with the white hats!

I got a little concerned as we had a driver waiting for us too but of course, Canadian hospitality had already been bought into action and my multiple greeters had  liaised. Once that was sorted, I'm taken to an open area and find myself, having been on a plane for 9 hours and traveling all day, looking like I need a good scrub followed by a good nights sleep, surrounded by ladies in white cowboy hats!

Shannon steps forward and asks me to raise my right hand and repeat the words of the oath (see photo). I duly do this and then find myself to be an honorary Calgarian!

It was all quite emotional, not just because I was so excited to be in Calgary but because the words of the oath for sure represent my own thinking on the importance of hospitality and looking after each other.

It was utterly charming and you can find out more about it here.

Have you been to Canada? Where to? Would love your comments!

So as they say in Calgary, Yahoo!

Rickie, Honorary Calgarian.

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