Norwegian adventure: Chasing the Northern Lights

My birthday 2012. I was born at 10.30 on 29th October and this photo was taken of us at 10.27. Perfect.

Well this was on my list for a while. I was never in a big rush but there wasn't any other  new place I was desperate enough to wake up on my birthday so this year seemed as good as any to be in Norway. We travelled from Bergen to Tromso  'the top of the world' and on my birthday evening set out to chase the lights. 

The temperatures plummeted and as well as thermals I had more layers than a vanilla slice but 4 hours in these conditions, eventually resulted in this once in a lifetime sight.

With huge thanks to miracle worker Michelle from Essence Photographic for tidying up the flown-away hat in our photo!

Highly recommend you take a look at Michelle's work too.

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Norwegian Adventures: Tromso, the top of the world