Canada 2013: International Hotel, Calgary after the floods

We were fortunate to find out about the International Hotel in Calgary. Not only were the staff attentive during booking and the following Twitter conversations with Tim & myself but the place is fantastic. This is their current Twitter bio: "We invite you to experience the largest Hotel rooms, the best downtown business location & friendly staff ready to assist. Complimentary Breakfast and WiFi." All true.

The breakfast, we understand, is complimentary at this time, to welcome people back into the city after the floods that sadly engulfed the Calgary earlier in the summer. I have to say, the city has got back on its feet quickly and a big part of the reason is the Calgarian hospitality ethos. Quite frankly, had I not known - and they have not gone on and on about it - I wouldn't have believed there had been a flood. Sure the river banks are a little messy but you have that in the UK anyway!

The International hotel has only just re-opened and some parts of the building including the restaurant are still closed for our stay but they served veritable  breakfast banquet in the bar lounge. We had choices of coffee, teas, juices or water to wash down a hot breakfast, baked goods, toast, cereal, yogurt, fruit and more! We estimated it to be worth between $10-20 each every day so we tipped heavily to show our gratitude. I know many of the staff in the city may have been (temporarily) laid off so really wanted to support in the tiny way where I could.

Furthermore, the hotel sends us a complimentary car to welcome us for our first visit to the city, to celebrate my birthday (you know, my tradition of waking up in a new city on my birthday every year). A driver is duly waiting for us, despite our flight being a little late and he carefully drives us the few short miles to this lovely hotel, surrounded as expected (by me at least!) by Dallas style, tall buildings!

We are so delighted to open the door into our roomy suite. We get this in Vancouver but I wasn't expecting this much space here! We have a kitchen area with the all important coffee machine, plus fridge and microwave, desk, dining table to suit six and a comfortable lounge with a full sofa where I could lie and look over the city, mostly when I kept waking up early at 5am! And then we have the bathroom equipped with lovely toiletries plus a tea-pot in the bedroom  - unused as I don't drink tea but I appreciate the little chocolates!

And after the driver at the airport, the complimentary room, the lovely suite on the 33rd floor, I arrive back on my birthday to be greeted by a complimentary basket of goodies. Seriously good hospitality!

I highly recommend the place if you go to Calgary. In fact, just go to Calgary! Here's the info - tell them Tim & I sent you!

Where do you want to go next? Do you celebrate birthdays on holiday?

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