Travel Thursday:Your most emotional travel experience (positive or negative!)

For me, every trip is emotional, travel is what I strive for. All my other loves are in my daily life but travel I have to wait for so there are always tears of joy at some point. If I had to pick one time, it's the first time I travelled to New York on my own. I'd been visiting a friend in Florida and tagged a four-day weekend in NYC on to it. I was petrified at first (first I was afraid, I was petrified etc etc). I checked into my hotel (won't name) and felt I was in a brothel. I have no idea why I decided to stay mid-town, I really don't like the hustle and bustle of 42nd St and Times Square and ordinarilly avoid at all costs. I think I was thinking it would be safer.

Also I couldn't get into the what was going to become my regular haunt, Chelsea Star Hotel just above West Village and over looking the temple of New York, Maddison Square Gardens so after checking in and wondering if my luggage was going to be in my room when I returned, I stepped out into the sultry July day and walked the 10 blocks to Chelsea Star, who thankfully booked me in for the next day. Better than that, they put my mind at ease about staying at my hotel for one night as they knew them well.

On to the emotional bit, as if being in New York - and alone - wasnt enough, on my walk back up town, there was a spring back in my step.

I remember waiting with a throng of people  to cross the road, as I did, I looked up to my left towards Hudson River and there was a gorgeous sunset - like there's any other kind.

I remembered there and then how lucky I was to live this life and be able to travel to all the places I have. And burst into tears of joy.

I always remember that moment if ever I'm on  a trip that isnt quite going to plan. Some people live their whole life and don't get to travel to just one of the places I have, just one time. I've been dozens of times and love every single second.

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