Travel Thursday: 8 Your funniest travel experience (you had to be there)

It's not one incident as such, but I've often said the best trip I've had for just having a ball was my time in Italy, travelling through the northern cities. (The best trip otherwise is Vancouver, eclipsed recently by Vancouver mark 2) I met loads of people and we just laughed from the breakfast to turning in and had many standing jokes.

You had to be there but....I'd been teasing that I was going to have a McDonalds despite being in my culinary heaven. I find one in Florence and made sure I got back on our bus before everyone else so I could leave the empty cup at the front for all to see. Like I say, you had to be there but the McDonalds tasted a hundred times better than what we have.

Another time I got locked in a garden in the early hours and my companion (I was  young(er)!) and in the end the police came to let us out. I sheepishly escaped in a taxi after flashing my UK ID.

I'm mortified to get a standing ovation at breakfast as everyone had realised I hadn't come back to the hotel at night but instead crept in at dawn.

The funniest time though, was when we were all at a wine tasting at 11.30 in the morning. This is a wine tasting where sensibly, we actually drink the wine.  I came out having bought 2 bottles and promptly dropped the bag in the courtyard. Everyone was ahead of and it just seemed such an apt moment,we literally all fell on the floor laughing.

The lovely people replaced my bottle.

It's just the best week of laughs I have ever had and I'm still in contact with one of the lovely ladies I met on the trip.

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