Travel Thursday - 9. The best business trip you have been on

Business? The only business travel I have done is within UK cities and although its fun seeing different places (given the chance) I abhor staying away overnight when I need to. I love doing it when I want to. I think every trip abroad should really count as business as I always feel so inspired when I return. However, the closest to an exciting business trip I've had were the months I spent in New York to go to writing school. (unfortunately tax man said it doesn’t count as I was learning a new trade).  I'd been back and forth for many years so the place wasn't new, it's just the excitement of learning and the opportunity to write every day. Also, it’s exhilarating to be surrounded by writers and artists and the only place on earth where I felt I belonged.

Still, I’ve kept my New York life with me by completely changing the balance when I returned; the priority is to write and the rest of my life just fits tightly around it.

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