Observations in Hong Kong

Observations in Hong Kong

When the year started and we were heading back from a Christmas trip in Ireland, it had yet to cross my mind that this year may be our first trip to Asia. About 8 weeks ago, we saw a deal and instead of going to Vancouver as usual around this time, the bf and I booked ourselves into what seemed a bargain to Hong Kong. The place had been on my ‘D list’ of travel goals but dropped off as I really wanted to go before it changed hands. But I was thrilled to be going somewhere with such a different culture. And my, is it different.

  1. Food arriving at different times

We had to get used to food & drinks not arriving at same time for both of us. In the western world, occasionally we get a filter coffee after an espresso based drink but generally the restaurant's main challenge is to ensure all the table gets their food together. Not so in Hong Kong. Eating was more fun when we switched to the pick-a-mix tapas style of ordering. Then it didn’t matter what came first as we shared every dish and I got to try new things.

  1. Everyone is on the phone

Even when walking along the street, something that is frowned upon in the UK, well at least when I accidently bump into someone. My reason is to use the precious time in transit to get updated. On a Hong Kong train, anyone under 35 is glued to a phone. I saw one person reading an actual physical book once, but then he went on his phone too.

  1. Temple Street market is rubbish

It’s a tatty market with a red light area at the bottom. Why is it in all the guides?

  1. Everyone is tiny

I was most often the tallest woman in the train carriage, sometimes the tallest person, other than the bf.

    1. Obsessed with eggs

There are eggs with everything. I like eggs – it’s the one thing I’m good at cooking, but I don’t like the white runny, something I saw a few times. I did miss out on the chicken and egg sandwich that I kept seeing advertised in McDonalds though.

  1. Obsessed with whiteners

I saw the South Asian obsession for flawless, pale skin first hand and every beauty range I came across had a product with a whitener. I went to Causeway Bay deliberately (twice) to check out the big beauty halls with a Japanese slant but came away overwhelmed. Instead, I bought us his and hers products from the Dutch Rituals range I’d fallen in love with on the way in, during our return connection stop at Amsterdam airport.

  1. There are hardly any dogs

We believe a city that has lots of happy dogs has got to be a good place but we saw barely any dogs. In fact I counted, about 10 in the main area and then another 10 when we went out-of-town. The city’s smog clearly isn’t a place for furry pets but apart from a couple clearly kept as guard dogs in the heat of Kennedy Town, the ones we saw were small and happy.

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