More Hong Kong Observations

More Hong Kong Observations

Part 2 (Part 1 here)

More on this relentless, polite, bustling, humid city that works. Did I mention relentless?

  1. Obsessed with shopping

Every shopping centre (I think there are about 28) is several stories high and packed with mainly the same shops including our Marks and Spencer and many American brands. Mainly though they are full of Europe’s designer names with a smattering of Asian chains. We ducked in and out of them to remove ourselves from the 30c going on 40c but we didn’t even buy anything! If I’d thought about it, we should have bought something back with a dragon for our home, maybe a tea-pot? And I definitely should have bought some South Asian beauty products but I didn’t know where to start!

I've had dreams (nightmares) about being in shopping centres and escalators ever since.

2. Drivers don't indicate

When streets are 10 deep with pedestrians waiting to cross, in a city clogged with cars, there are still plenty of people walking and using public transport. The walkways built high about the roads to get people moving between buildings are very welcome and a little cooler too.

3. Politeness

Wait staff will only come when beckoned and when you catch their eye, they are usually there straight away. Everyone serves everyone,  no one has own tables as there is no tipping culture.

Even the kids were polite. In all our travels on the public transport during the week, only once did we come across loud teenagers. Once, I dropped my cardigan just as I was about to get off the train and before I could bend down to pick it up a polite young girl with no word of English scooped it up for me. It’s one of my moments of the trip that I will always remember.

We noticed the difference in noise when we got on the tiny shuttle from Birmingham airport to the New Street train station, where a dozen people (employees) very much liked the sound of each and every one of their voices.

I like the quiet. No-one wants to hear other people’s conversations. Usually.

4.  Bamboo scaffolding

It looks so much prettier.

5.  No-one sneezes

I made that mistake and felt a hundred pairs of eyes on my in this health obsessed city. I always thought it was better out than in but I have learnt to stifle a sneeze. I immediately reached for my hand gel every time I accidentally blurted it out though. It was so good to sneeze normally when I got back.

6. Clothes hanging outside buildings

From high buildings, dripping on me. I bet they dried super quick but I soon learnt to side step where I saw puddles.

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View from the Room: Novotel Hong Kong

View from the Room: Novotel Hong Kong

Observations in Hong Kong

Observations in Hong Kong