View from the Room: The Charming House, Porto

View from the Room: The Charming House, Porto

As it turned out, this light and airy B&B was perfectly located, not just because it’s three minutes walk from the metro but because it’s opposite a dentist. Not just any dentist, the B&B owner’s dentist. Perfect as just as our plane was landing in Porto, my tooth fell out, or so it seemed, There was no pain so after a couple hours of distress, I realise it’s just broke and life goes on. Or that’s what my dentist told me when I desperately called them to book an urgent appointment upon our return.

So in the end, despite our fantastic host taking us across to the dentist, doing all the translations enabling me to register, I decided to wait until I come back home, especially as when we called our insurance company, we’re informed we can’t make a claim as it’s not deemed an emergency if there’s no pain. So I had to enjoy 6 days in Portugal with no smiling.

This was tough from the start as apart from the warm welcome - we’d already sat down to have a detailed 5 minute intro to the city over a tea and cake - the room is magnificent, homely and yet luxurious.

The bed had 4 glittering chocolates waiting for us on the bed and heating was turned on upon arrival and came on each evening for us to control as needed. We were on the 2nd floor and were happy to walk up as the stairway is stunning. The whole place is decorated in a french regency and/or shabby chic style and our room had three windows with shutters and was amply furnished complete with a large hallway providing most of the storage.

Room (Superior deluxe suite)

Our room looked out to the front with plenty of light coming in from the tall windows.

  • Large bed

  • One bedside table (another hotel with a table on just the one side!)

  • Large sofa

  • Desk with drawers and comfortable chair

  • TV on storage unit

  • 2 bedside lamps


  • Hallway has room for a suitcase or two

  • Plus it has two, double wardrobes with integrated automatic lights with drawers underneath (half filled with ample spare pillows and blankets)

  • Drawer on the TV stand

  • 10 wooden hotel style hangers

  • Clothes airer (fold-up)


I’m delighted with the double sink situation here. After all, the way to a happy living situation is separate bathrooms and this takes us one step closer. Also the bath had a jacuzzi which is always a fun extra.

  • Good sized bath with over-head, detachable shower.

  • Two branded bath towels along with the two hand towels and a bath mat.

  • Bidet & an extra towel

  • Ample storage with some space under the sink but a tall cupboard in which we could spread out our toiletries rather than leave them messily around the sinks.

  • Towel shelf plus a self-controlled radiator to dry the towels so we never needed them changed.

Full-size toiletries: shower gel, shampoo and body lotion (although that ran out on the first day I managed to keep scooping it out for two more mornings!)

Food and drink

  • Jug of water and glasses in room

  • Complimentary tea/coffee/cakes/water available in the lounge each afternoon

  • Buffet breakfast

  • Fruit bowl and chocolates in room

Delightfully, the excellent breakfast was served at a civilised time (I think from 9am). The smiley staff offered crepes with Nutella, coffee tea, juice, fruit, cereals, pastries with a fair few handmade Portuguese goodies including of course the Nata tarts. We found throughout our travels in the country, anytime something was exclusively Portuguese, it was proudly pointed out by restaurant and hotel staff alike.


  • Small fridge

  • Small fan

  • Hairdryer

There was an issue with the front door keypad on one night and as a last resort, we had to call the owner. Thankfully it wasn’t too late into the night and next day, the code was duly changed.

Otherwise, the superb service continued with the attention of detail that it started with, as staff bought a cake and candles with ‘39’ on for the boyfriend’s birthday breakfast. I hadn’t said a word so this is just through noticing details on passport etc. Truly outstanding and again, if I ran a B&B….

The Charming House Marques

View from the Room: Casa do Principe, Lisbon

View from the Room: Casa do Principe, Lisbon

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