View from the Room - Ibis, Cambridge

View from the Room - Ibis, Cambridge



Next door to the train station and so convenient when you get off the train with luggage. From here it is a 20 minute flat walk to the centre, 10 minutes before you reach a plethora of restaurants offering all food from all nationalities. The area around the station is brand new, clean, tidy and safe with a few coffee shops and mini supermarket. Microsoft’s office is here and there is wonderful Italian bakery if you turn left out of the station. 


Very modern and newly built. To check in, look for the t-shirted staff hanging around the lifts. There are no self-service machines or a reception desk. It works.

It’s warm and relaxing, as the blurb says.


Very welcoming and friendly.

Increasingly these type of modern budget hotels have no phone but Ibis has a web chat function. We used this and staff were up in minutes to help with the air-con controls.


  • Comfortable. Chances are you’ll be looking over the railway tracks.
  • Charging – charging cube with two USB points and three plug sockets on the desk. One by the bed and 1 by the full length mirror
  • Storage – limited
  • Hangers – six quality wooden hangers
  • Dra wers – none. Two shelves in the open corner wardrobe
  • Mirrors – in the right places, full length by door and a well-lit one in bathroom. Possibly too well-lit so don’t look too close.
  • Iron – none but this hotel has an ironing room on second floor (untested)
  • Wi-fi free and just need an email address

Relax and sleep

  • Comfortable regular double bed
  • Pillows – two spares
  • 32” freeview TV
  • A desk and chair plus a bench for storage/sitting
  • Lighting – plenty including two individually controlled bedside hanging lamps that can be raised or lowered. The rest of the room lights operated conveniently through a single switch.
  • Temperature control - the only niggle is with the air conditioning/heating as mentioned in some of the reviews I’d read. No matter how much I turned up the temperature, the room did not warm up. In the end I turned it off and got under the warm duvet. It does come on/off when you leave it on so the noise may wake light sleepers.


  • Two mugs, no glasses (other than plastic ones in bathroom)
  • Kettle and two mugs with the usual instant coffee, milk pots and teas.


  • Quite roomy bath room with space around sink for toiletries
  • Toiletries – two shower gels/hand soaps attached to wall
  • Towels – 3 small bath towels (no hand towel)
  • Airy shower with detachable head (no bath tub)
  • Sanitary bags
  • Spare toilet roll
  • Toothbrush charge point
  • Economical toilet flush

Food & drink

  • A comfortable coffee shop of the kind you would not expect in a hotel, especially a budget Ibis.
  • The option of an all you can eat breakfast served 6.30 till 10 during the week, 12 at the weekend. Other options outside of these times. (untested)


We paid £99 for this station convenience and the office being a few steps away.


Several lifts that you need your key card to operate going up.

Couple/Family friendly

The two of us were fine in room 382 and it would work for 1-2 nights.

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